5 Lessons from Our First Year

Campbell Long just celebrated its first anniversary, and just like all of the other celebrations we’ve had the past several weeks, we celebrated virtually. Being sheltered-in-place with our families has given us a new perspective on what it means to reach such a company milestone—our gratitude somehow feels more profound, and the lessons we’ve learned somehow feel more consequential.

Here are five life lessons we have learned during our first year of business:

Family Comes First

The importance of family has always been the foundation on which we built Campbell Long, and this past year has reinforced our belief that when you put the needs of your family first, you gain better clarity over your goals and outcomes. We see this all the time with our clients who are navigating challenging life transitions, but we also see this with ourselves. Any business that compromises the health and wellbeing of your family will never be sustainable.

Listening is a Superpower

There is a lot of noise in this world. From text messages to social media posts to everyday conversations, it is easy for us to get wrapped up in the conversation and spend more time crafting what we will be saying instead of listening to what is being said. Before we speak, we listen—it allows us to understand better the needs of others, which leads to better solutions.

Ask for Help

It isn’t always easy, but being able to ask for help is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and your business. In addition to helping you stay focused on your strengths, outsourcing to others demonstrates trust and allows you to build deeper relationships. Whether it is asking someone to create a marketing campaign or get the kids to bed at night, we have learned that asking for help is less about rescuing us and more about partnering with us.

Be Flexible

Wow, I think we’ve all learned a little more about the importance of flexibility over the past few weeks. It is important to have goals, but it is also important to know when you need to pivot, recalibrate, or change course. We have learned that we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. Being able to take a deep breath and live into whatever reality has presented itself, is key to our growth.

Gratitude is Always Our Attitude

Regardless of what happens during the day, we always return to a place of gratitude. We intentionally spend time being thankful for the big—our families, our team members--as well as the small—a warm cup of coffee, a sunny afternoon. When we start from a place of gratitude, it instantly changes our perspective and allows us to keep negative emotions such as fear and guilt at bay.

And speaking of gratitude, we wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone if it wasn’t for all of you—our families, friends, clients, team members, community partners…the list goes on and on. We are so appreciative of your support and cannot wait to celebrate Year 2 with all of you—hopefully in person.