Professional Services

We believe in delivering quality and reliable services with a high level of customer satisfaction and care.  We also believe in being up front about the total costs and not trying to "hide the ball" with hidden fees.  Therefore, many of our services can be done for a flat fee.


Additionally, we strive to be easily accessible and even offer FaceTime and Skype appointments. If you have a concern or question, you can call or email us anytime of day or night, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Need to bring the kiddos along? Not a problem! We have toys and snacks to keep them entertained.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide 

  • Wills/Trusts

  • Trust Administration

  • Probate

  • Adult and Minor Guardianship

  • Adoption

  • Mediation

  • Collaborative Family Law

  • Premarital Agreements

  • Real Estate Closings

  • Contract Review

  • Document Drafting

Wills and Pour-Over Wills


  • Nominate quardians for children.

  • Designate how much and to whom all property is to be distributed at death, includingnatural, adopted, and step-children.

  • Leave property to somone who would not take under intestate succession.

  • Avoid legal issues that arise from intestate estate administration, e.g., a will can waive the bond requirement for the appointed personal representative.

Revocable Living Trusts and QTIP Trusts


  • The settlor has the right to revoke while living.

  • Avoid a potentially expensive and time consuming probate process.

  • Greater control over assets and distributions.

  • Preserve privacy.

  • Spread or sprinkle trust income or principal to beneficiaries years after the Settlor's death.

  • It can diminish the costs associated with will contests or invalid creditor claims.

  • Maximize federal and state estate tax exemptions.

Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Property


  • Allows for peace of mind and protection in the event of becoming disabled.

  • Determine end of life decisions.

  • Reduce family stress.

  • Stipulate funeral arrangements.

Special Needs Trusts


  • Protect your child's financial future.

  • Retain government benefits.

  • Ensure your child is cared for by a loved one.

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation


A recent estimate for a typical litigated divorce for both parties is $ 73,550.[1]

This, coupled with the emotional process of litigating a divorce, has been driving parties and policy makers to find alternative non-litigated methods to solving family disputes.  Two alternative methods are through Collaborative Divorce and Mediation.


Collaborative Divorce


In a Collaborative Divorce each party retains his or her own counsel, but everyone involved agrees to collaborate in the negotiation and settlement process.  The parties, the attorneys, and possibly a team of therapists and/or other professionals will work together to help the parties reach an amicable resolution.




A mediation is a facilitated negotiation in which the parties, not the attorneys, control the outcome.[2] This gives the parties more control and flexibility over their case and ensuring their feelings and desires are heard.  Unlike a traditional or collaborative divorce case, the mediator cannot represent one party over another.  Instead, the mediator acts as a neutral third party to help the parties reach a settlement agreement and will not go to court to represent either party.   The mediator may also work with a team of professionals in reaching the resolution. 




The more contentious the divorce becomes the more emotionally distressing it is on each party.  This is especially so considering the close bond the parties once had.  In addition, children can particularly have a difficult time in dealing with divorce.  By the parties staying amicable and cooperative, it shows the children that the parents still respect and care for each other, which may help them accept the situation better.

Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy is to offer a personalized level of service and care to our clients.  We want to be there for our clients before, during, and after major life events.  In addition, we aim to provide a better experience for our clients, offering a modern and relaxed environment and being transparent with our fees and services. 

Still have questions, or wish to learn more?